Learn How To Think Like the Enemy

We are at war with the people and agencies that are

literally kidnapping and stealing our children using

“laws, statutes, codes and rules” to manipulate

parents and guardians, distress the families, and rip

our children from our hands and hearts.

There is a strategy to win and it begins with knowing

how they THINK, how they SPEAK, and how they


You must begin reading immediately. Dedicate a portion of everyday to reading and learning the rules of the Juvenile Court, the manuals and mandatory rules social services is SUPPOSED to abide by,  the required and statutory regulations imposed upon social workers and the courts in order to qualify for their federal funding, and then compare this information to your minute orders, reporter’s transcript, and the social worker’s reports. You will begin to realize how illegal, unconstitutional, and bias that the system truly is. The state statutes are all tailored to fit DPSS/CPS’s whims and they STILL VIOLATE MULTIPLE laws and rules.

I have much much more information that I am organizing and uploading as often as I can. My husband and I have been trying our best to help several people who have called or emailed for help. If I have not responded to you yet, please understand that we are doing our best. We still grieve the loss of our son every second of every minute of every hour and we are still fighting for him too, we plan on filing a Writ of Habeaus Corpus which needs to be filed like, yesterday. Pray for us please, pray that my husband finds more work so we can afford the necessary help preparing and filing the paperwork as well as for finding another place to live very very soon.

I pray for each and every person suffering the loss of their child(ren), I pray for the children who are being forced against their will to stay with strangers and pray that they are safe. Together, we can give them a good fight, as WE MUST STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING. THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO JUST SIT THERE, OUR CHILDREN, YOUR CHILDREN, NEED US TO NOT GIVE UP, SO DON’T GIVE UP, OK?  Let’s begin with THE STRATEGY:

KNOW WHAT THEY KNOW, THINK LIKE THEY THINK, USE THE WORDS THAT THEY USE, and USE IT ALL AGAINST THEM. These people who have no hearts, no compassion, no morals, and no conscious, cooperate in a collective collaboration pretending to be public servants whose noble profession is “saving abused and neglected children by ensuring that they live in a permanent and  safe environment”. Many people are still completely ignorant of the atrocities they encroach upon our children, dreadfully debilitating destructing by double-crossing and dividing mothers from fathers,  fathers from sons, brothers from sisters and grandma from everyone!


Always tell your lawyer to appeal any unfair decision. Get copies of the Minute Orders and the hearing transcript. Communicate to your lawyer and the social workers in writing and demand written responses, record conversations (I found that letting them know you are recording them can be helpful and other times let them drown themselves).  Keep a journal of how your child is doing.  Never miss a visit but if you know you can’t make it, reschedule ahead of time. Write down every lie your social worker tells you. Have other professionals communicate with your social worker, this sometimes keeps the worker on her toes.

Check back for more information and new links.  Tell your story at http://www.donnellyjustice.me.

Click on the links below, they will open in a new window. You can save them onto your computer.

California Judges: Ethics/Bench Rules/Behavior that Constitutes Misconduct




Make sure the Judge does his job:




Advocacy: The people listed on the first few pages are the people who make the unfair rules:


Others involved in the collaboration: Government contractors, making money off our children:


Collaborative Cohort Counter-Intelligence:


Caseworker Practice & Child Maltreatment


How the Child Welfare System Works



2 thoughts on “Learn How To Think Like the Enemy

  1. Please God help all these families in need, help someone come forward with the case that destroys cps misconduct. Let the opportunity for all the victims to be vindicated , allow all families justice, open doors for opportunity not negativity. Each parent has been accused of abuse by cps definition , now allow these parent to define that vary same abuse back on cps Whitfield commit abuse by their own definition. Give these family strength, I pray you will help these families move mountain for their children and I pray that you give the world , the courts the ability to open their eyes and face the truth . Amen………..mashable

  2. My daughter was took in the middle of tha night from my sister with a warrant with my name and adress on it not to mention a whole mass of lieda

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