Complaints-File Them!


California Judgesjudgecomplaints


CA Attorneys:  ca bar


Licensed OR unlicensed social workers:  




Complaints about Federally Funded Programs: 

Civil Complaints



One thought on “Complaints-File Them!

  1. I know how you feel my husband and I admitted to a single use( my dad works for these monsters) and I took his stupid advice and got our daughter taken away. My hair test even came back clean! My husband and I were so devastated we relapsed after almost having a year sober. I think my step mother called on me they came to the hospital but they had to let us go because my daughter tested negative. My husband had a random drug test at our methadone clinic and it came back positive. For a month nothing happened until they pounded on our door. They falsified my daughter’s hair test but we didn’t have enough money to go to a different lab. What makes it worse is that my family thinks we deserve this. Yes it was wrong to relapse but we never did it around our daughter and it was an ocassional thing! How do these people get away with ripping happy kids from their loving parents?

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