Important changes in how the NJ Supreme Court views fact-finding in DYFS cases

Important changes in how the NJ Supreme Court views fact-finding in DYFS cases

Here’s one court that overruled CPS’s Juvenile Dependency Court AND the Appellate Court because the Department had NO EVIDENCE and made shit up about people to justify their (illegal) removal and continued detention of children from innocent parents. 

 The court cohorts are responsible for the destruction of millions of families throughout the years and emotionally traumatizing the children they are pretending to “protect”. This Supreme Court rebuked DYFS for their failure to consider the importance of preserving family unity. The Supreme Court differed and held that where an allegation of neglect is made, the particular event must be analyzed to see whether the act is merely “negligent, grossly negligent, or reckless…” Id. 300. Grossly negligent conduct requires “`an indifference to consequences.” Recklessness occurs when the actor “intentionally commits an act of an unreasonable character in disregard of a known or obvious risk that was so great as to make it highly probable that harm would follow, and which thus is usually accompanied by a conscious indifference to the consequences.”

 CPS and the court cohorts railroad parents, WHY? For what? A PAYCHECK. Are you enjoying that Audi? You feel all warm and cozy in your 7 bedroom house? Hope YOUR kids are enjoying Space Camp.

 While you all have your dysfunctional families, my son was ripped from the loving and nurturing care of his parents to be thrown in a strangers house, teased with the hope that he would be able to live with his Aunt, then handed over to yet more strangers who forced him to call them Mommy and Daddy immediately. He deserves a relationship with his first family and he is being denied that right based on the malicious intentions of a psycho anonymous caller,  false allegations, falsified evidence and intentional and malicious  perjury committed by unlicensed social workers.

  How can you people sleep at night? Oh, that’s right, nothing bothers those without a conscience and it is impossible to be immoral when you had no morals to begin with. If you just did the RIGHT THING you would live a richer, more fulfilling life. What am I thinking, you people are already PERFECT and your ____ doesn’t stink does it? 

(I dunno ’bout that, last time I was there something reeked!)