CPS SCHOOL – LESSON 2 – First Contact

Most people who are reading this post have already experienced the initial visit from Child Protective Services however, it is important to read this lesson to warn friends and family and to avoid a second case.

Did you know that you do NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THE DOOR when social services pays you a visit? Well, its true, you do not have to answer the door, even if they bring the police. If they had reasonable cause to remove your child, they would not be knocking. An anonymous phone call does not qualify for reasonable cause. Now, if they came to the door and heard you beating your child or if it appeared that your child was left alone in the home, they would enter without a warrant and claim that injury was imminent. That rarely happens that I know of but be aware, the police and social workers can be ruthless and they get away with saying whatever the hell they want. 

So, if you hear a knock on the door, always look out the peep hole if you have one or go to another room with a window with visible access to the vehicle(s) that your visitor is driving. If you see that it is a county car simply do not answer it. They will go away. They may return a day or so later but by this time you are prepared. Hopefully you have a screen or security door in addition to the regular door and if you want you can speak to them through the door. Never let them in, even if you feel you have nothing to hide. They will use whatever you say against you by twisting your words and speaking to the children alone is always manipulated. 

Prepare for their return! Remove all toys and bikes from the front of your house and away from both sides of your yard (in case they look over the fence). If you do not have a locking screen or security door, GO GET ONE AND INSTALL IT IMMEDIATELY! If at all possible, install security cameras aiming at the front door and at the street where there is parking so you will be alerted when they come back. If they left a business card the first time, call the number on it the next day after you have prepared your response to their visit. I highly recommend that you simply deny you are the person they are looking for. Tell them that they must have the wrong house. Tell them you do not have any children. If they ask your name, make one up. You could go so far as to draft a Rental Agreement with a different name and show it to them when they come back if it appears that they do not believe you. It is THAT EASY TO GET RID OF THEM! I know this for a fact because it worked for me! Adult Protective Services came to my door for my father (the ex-wife is up to her old tricks again!) and I did not answer it the first time. I thought about how to handle it and when they came back, I answered the door (I have a security door that you can’t see through from the outside so she didn’t even see what I looked like). She asked for Mr. or Mrs. (my father’s last name). I told her she must have the wrong house. She asked me if I had recently moved in and I told her that I was just a housekeeper. She said okay and left in her little white county car! I have not seen or heard from them since!

If your children attend public or private school, immediately after their first visit, you need to call the school and make sure that you do not authorize anyone from social services or the police to question your child without your consent or the child’s attorney present. Do not go to the school at that time, call an attorney and get legal advice and let him know that you gave the school their number. That same day or the next day at the very latest, prepare a NON-AUTHORIZATION and provide copies to the school.  [Links: Word document: Non-Authorization PDF: Non-Authorization

Never ever trust a social worker, no matter how “nice” they seem to be, I guarantee you that even the nicest social workers ARE OUT TO GET YOU! If they were truly nice they would not be a social worker, how can anyone nice ever remove unabused children from their parents? TRUST ME ON THIS!


CPS School – Lesson 1: Referrals

Welcome to the first lesson of CPS School!

The word “referral” is a term with two meanings.

Please note that CPS stands for Child Protective Services. Many states and counties have other names such as DPSS, DCFS, AFCS, et.

#1 Referral=When someone calls a CPS hotline and says that they believe a child is being abused.

#2 Referral= When CPS provides their “clients” (you, your children or other adults involved in the case) with “services” they use the word referral which is telling you to go to a specific place for that service such as parenting classes, counseling, drug testing, etc. but mostly it is paperwork to prove the use of the state and federal money that is given to the Department to steal our children.I


What can you do to avoid the “referral” by someone you know?  There is so sure way however, it may be possible to lower the odds by just getting along with people.

Television and other media has done quite a bit of damage to our families and our community. I was watching MASH (the old show about a medical unit in Korea during the Korean war) and I was disgusted with everyone cheating on their husbands and wives. TV has been brainwashing us to cheat on our spouses because those cool actors in that show did and we all thought nothing of it! Media nowadays is brainwashing us all to be gay! I am OK with homosexuals, if that is the way their bodies are, to each his/her own but TV is actually PROMOTING IT (probably to go along with Agenda 21 which is a depopulation plan). Regardless, media has put us husband against wife, children against parents (along with being taught in school to snitch ON THEIR PARENTS FOR ANY MINOR SPANKING OR PARTYING WHATSOEVER) and neighbor against neighbor. Sure, there has always been disputes over land and whatnot but now we live a few feet from each other and everyone is calling the cops and CPS for little or no valid or verified reason. This is the government’s plan so that we do not band together to overthrow an extremely corrupt system.

Family members and friends may think they are “helping” you and your children but if they truly did, they would not call some strangers out to your house, they would offer their help personally!

It takes a lot of effort to get along with people sometimes but patience and understanding is the key to a happy and content life. I wish I would have put more effort into not being a bitch to my husband’s ex-wife that is for sure! I thought I was so much better than her, I looked at her like she was a piece of shit when I really did not know what she was going through. Turns out that she was more of a piece of shit than I thought but I still could have and should have been kinder as she can’t help it that she has several mental illnesses. I didn’t have to go out of my way to write her that letter telling her what I knew about her past and how she treated her husband and children. All it did was make her resentful of my husband for telling me so much and maybe believing things that were not entirely true. I had my reasons at the time but golly gee willicker, if I could go back in time, I would have been quiet and kinder. I had no idea of what so much resentment would make a person do. So be kind to your neighbors, ex-spouse or girlfriend, be tolerant of certain personality defects, try your best to be firm but always nice. Don’t piss your mother off, from all the stories I have heard, they must rank #2 in the top 5 people who call CPS. Try to get along with your siblings, aunts, uncles and step-family. This would not only improve your chances of not being falsely reported, it also strengthens your family bonds and that is positive for everyone.


A lot of calls are from “mandated reporters” who are “professionals” who can be charged with a crime for failing to report “suspected” child abuse either in criminal or civil court as well as pay a hefty fine and possibly lose their license.  I believe that there may be a minimum referral quota but I can not verify that.  

Here is a partial list of “Mandated Reporters”:

School teachers

School Nurse

School Principal

School Counselor

School Administrator

School Staff

School Volunteer

School Cafeteria Lady/Worker

School Clerk/Office Staff

School Librarian

School Social Worker

School Janitor

Hospital Doctor

Hospital Nurse

Hospital Administrator

Hospital Social Worker

Hospital Staff

Hospital Chaplin

Family Doctor

Doctor’s Nurse

Doctor’s Office Staff

Doctor’s Aide

Psychologist/Psychiatrist   Counselor/Therapist

Daycare Administrator       Daycare worker

Dentist     Dental Assistant            Dental Office Staff

Police Officers

Code Enforcement Officers

Parole Officers

Probation Officers

Animal Control Officers

Substance Abuse Program Directors, Counselors, Volunteers and Office Staff

Domestic Violence Prevention Program Directors, Counselors, Volunteers and Office Staff

Parenting Class Teacher, Administrator, Volunteers and Office Staff

Anyone who works at Macy’s Department Store (no kidding!)

Utility Workers (like the people that come out to turn on/off your electricity, water or gas)

Refuse Pick-up Drivers

Mail Delivery Persons



Each CPS office has its own referral evaluation process.  You should be able to find the one for your county by searching, “Child Welfare Policies in ____ County”.  How the agency in your area responds depends on several factors such as current case load, budget constraints and staff-to-case ratio. All too often calls will be “evaluated out” simply because they were understaffed.  You have most likely seen the news story here and there where a child died due to lack of action on the part of CPS.  Often, CPS KNOWS a child is in real danger and they don’t do a damn thing! They let that child get hurt or die just so they can spin it into needing more funding!! What shameful, despicable behavior! They even spun OUR story on the news and claimed that the reason we were able to take our son from a supervised visit at the Department of Social Services office was due lack of funding!!

1. The call center will receive the call, ask pertinent information about the child and the child’s family and/or residence and ask what the abuse is. They will ask, “How do you know?” but these questions are basic and never verified in any way. Callers can say they anything they want and even give a false name. They DO have caller ID and may call you back at some point.

2. Then a supervisor reviews the information given during the call and check their computer for any previous reports or issues using both your name and your address. They evaluate the level of “risk” with this information and some other basic background research which includes whether or not anyone in the home has a criminal record. They will most likely find out if you are receiving any kind of county and/or state financial assistance.  At least that is what is supposed to be done. If they decide to send someone out to the home or school most likely the worker will not be alone and depending on what the caller said, they may even bring the police on the first visit which most likely means that their intention is to remove your child.

THE SOCIAL WORKER WILL USE THE PRESENCE OF THE POLICE OFFICER TO INTIMIDATE YOU INTO BELIEVING THAT YOU HAVE TO LET THEM TAKE YOUR CHILD AND THAT IF YOU PROTEST YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. The bottom line is that NO WARRANT, NO ENTRY! If they had a warrant they would NOT be knocking and waiting for you to answer. I have many suggestions on how to avoid your children being taken and I shall provide a link on the side column soon but REMEMBER, CPS HAS NO POWER AND NO AUTHORITY OVER YOUR CHILD UNTIL YOU GIVE IT TO THEM! More on this subject in Lesson 2.

When my husband’s ex-wife called (over 20 times) the CPS hotline while I was in labor with my son she said, “That baby will DIE if you let it go home with them!” So NEVER UNDERESTIMATE what people will say when they call that hotline!


A couple of months ago some guy called my husband’s phone, as it can be found on http://www.donnellyjustice.me, to report his neighbor. He thought he was calling CPS for some reason! Maybe he was just testing us but we played along just to see what he would say. He said that there are “a lot of people living at the house” and that he “smelled pot coming from the direction of the house”. Basically, the children play outside and it annoys him. My husband told him that someone would get back to him. My husband called me and gave me the guy’s number so I called him. I did not say I was from CPS or the county whatsoever. I just asked him what was going on and how can I help. He told me the same thing he told my husband. I asked a few more questions and implied that someone would go check on the children. I asked his name and the address of the children he was calling about. Of course, he couldn’t tell me the people’s names and he didn’t know what their address or phone numbers were he just said the house to his right or something. I googled the man’s address and looked for neighbors. The nearest neighbor is at least a half a football field away! WTF?

Online Training Course for CA Juvenile Dependency “Judges”, attorneys and guardian ad litems

Online Training Course for CA Juvenile Dependency “Judges”, attorneys and guardian ad litems


I took this course and got 100%! Can I be the nest “Hearing Officer” and have absolute judicial immunity from STEALING CHILDREN FROM DECENT PARENTS AND SAFE HOMES JUST TO PUT THEM AT RISK OF MALTREATMENT, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE, RAPE, MOLESTATION AND EVEN DEATH IN FOSTER CARE? OH PLEASE, I REALLY WANT THE MONEY!!! Just kidding, I am making FUN of those people that ACTUALLY DO THAT!

Important changes in how the NJ Supreme Court views fact-finding in DYFS cases

Important changes in how the NJ Supreme Court views fact-finding in DYFS cases

Here’s one court that overruled CPS’s Juvenile Dependency Court AND the Appellate Court because the Department had NO EVIDENCE and made shit up about people to justify their (illegal) removal and continued detention of children from innocent parents. 

 The court cohorts are responsible for the destruction of millions of families throughout the years and emotionally traumatizing the children they are pretending to “protect”. This Supreme Court rebuked DYFS for their failure to consider the importance of preserving family unity. The Supreme Court differed and held that where an allegation of neglect is made, the particular event must be analyzed to see whether the act is merely “negligent, grossly negligent, or reckless…” Id. 300. Grossly negligent conduct requires “`an indifference to consequences.” Recklessness occurs when the actor “intentionally commits an act of an unreasonable character in disregard of a known or obvious risk that was so great as to make it highly probable that harm would follow, and which thus is usually accompanied by a conscious indifference to the consequences.”

 CPS and the court cohorts railroad parents, WHY? For what? A PAYCHECK. Are you enjoying that Audi? You feel all warm and cozy in your 7 bedroom house? Hope YOUR kids are enjoying Space Camp.

 While you all have your dysfunctional families, my son was ripped from the loving and nurturing care of his parents to be thrown in a strangers house, teased with the hope that he would be able to live with his Aunt, then handed over to yet more strangers who forced him to call them Mommy and Daddy immediately. He deserves a relationship with his first family and he is being denied that right based on the malicious intentions of a psycho anonymous caller,  false allegations, falsified evidence and intentional and malicious  perjury committed by unlicensed social workers.

  How can you people sleep at night? Oh, that’s right, nothing bothers those without a conscience and it is impossible to be immoral when you had no morals to begin with. If you just did the RIGHT THING you would live a richer, more fulfilling life. What am I thinking, you people are already PERFECT and your ____ doesn’t stink does it? 

(I dunno ’bout that, last time I was there something reeked!)