To speak to a consultant about your case and for critical information about court proceedings call Sharon Joyce at 951-208-7585 today. Don’t wait, there are things you need to do to protect your family’s rights BEFORE your next court date. Your payment of $75 for one hour of person-to-person communication will include an analysis of your case, a clear and concise explanation of what is happening to you and your family and why it is happening to you, along with print materials covering the information you are given during the conversation.

Your personal information will not be shared with ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. Payment is taken over the phone at the time of the consultation. The consultant makes no guarantees of any kind other than you will know a lot more about the system than you did prior to the call.

Other services available are:

Letter writing $30 [Production is within 24 hours]

Drafting of Objections to Removal or Placement $300 per 15 pages (not including copies or postage) [Production is 48 hours upon receipt of needed documents]

Printed copy of your State/County Child Welfare Policies and/or Manual varies in price due to the page count. For every 150 pages $250 and includes a binder (postage not included) This can be an extremely valuable tool in forcing the Department to do what they are required to by law. [Production is 5 business days]

Contempt of Court filing against the Department $150 per 15 pages [Production is within 24 hours]

Other court filings using court-required pre-made forms $75 per filing document [Production time is 72 hours]

CALL 951-208-7585 TODAY!


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