The Juvenile Defense Panel-Not On Your Side

This link will take you to the County’s Indigent Defense Program. PAID FOR BY THE COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE. Told you. COURT COHORTS.


One thought on “The Juvenile Defense Panel-Not On Your Side

  1. Stealing Children for $$$. Yesterday I saw 2 Social workers 1 black female 1 hispanic Male coming out of Subway Resturant all the children they had with them were black aged 3-6 ( I’m guessing) 2 of them were crying and yelling in protest and the black female social worker was dragging and pulling on his arm yanking his arm very hard. The male Hispanic pushed the last child walking with them. So sad The 2 crying children were making such a scene- To me that is the ultimate abuse. These low level workers are not to be trusted. These children with 100% be mentally damaged. Why not bring the parents along for mommy and me time and teach exactly how to parent and cope with small children instead of snatching children away from parents and lying on them 5,000-6,000 bonus to DFCS workers for placing children up for adoption . Did you know this? poor people have no rights- Even Teenaged Children are victims in this heartless world -Trayvon Martin- ring a bell- He had the world on his parents side fighting 1 person- how on earth can poor uneducated people fight City Hall? Government and corrupt courts?

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