1. I was reading the article about the SW who got 5 yrs for perjury and falsifying records..My question is why the hell didn’t my SW handling our ACS as its called in New York get a minute of jail time. She lied about everything..When my son was taken when he was 4 months old, he was given to a first time fostermother, when we asked for our son to be removed to someone who had aliTtle bit more experience she said that she needs to get her experience somehow. That’s nice right, so my son was a guinea pig for this loser foster mother. Anyhow exactly a month to the day that our son was taken their was an accident with my son and the foster mother. Of course the foster care agency covered it up..was I surprised, actually I was, I know that their never wrong, but in this case, my son was dropped, he had a. Huge gash coming into a visit, when we asked what happened, they of course lied and made something up that made no sense. He was brought to the hospital on Dec 19, 2009. However the agency kept to their story and the hospital wouldn’t say anything. We finally found out the truth of what happened during a meeting. In the meeting everyone was given a record of my son while in the system. As I was going through it. I noticed a hospital discharge paper and it was dated Dec 19, 2009. The same weekend my son was dropped. The diagnosis was Spaticity to the lower extremities. My son was seen many times by pediatricians before this happened and not once did any of them ever diagnosis my son with this. I was livid. First to have been lied to.. And secondly how could anyone so cold try to cover something like that up to a 5 month old infant. You have to be really, really evil and cold to cover something like that up. So I did what I had to and called ACS Internal Investigation Unit, To sum it up a lot of people ended up resigning, they were given a choice, either resign or be fired, Of course they took the resignation way out so they could collect any benefits owed to them. The only benefit this SW was owed was jail time, anyway our next SW, was even worse in the way that she lied about everything. When I first meet her I noticed she had an accent and I asked where she was from because she was obviously somewhere down south. She told me Nebraska. Our very next visit, while we were waiting for our son to arrive, another person asked her the same thing, Not knowing I was behind her or at least in ears range she said Tennesse. That should sum up what we were facing. Every court appearance she contradicted everything she said. Contradicting is a nice way for me to say she was down right lying. It was so obvious the judge or mediator knew she was lying, however the sworn oath about telling the truth she just swore to, obviously meant nothing to this case. We fought this case for almost 4 years. People at the agency who did have a conscience knew that our son should have been returned, and an un-named source from the agency wrote the judge a letter, of course anonymously, because she also had her job to worry about. This of course did little help..Because it was the SW reports that mattered.. On Aug 14, 2013, we lost our parental right again because of lies..Now our case is being appealed, I know it takes 6-7 months for it to go through however not ever being through this I don’t know exactly how this works, In regards to the appeal. How do they contact you if you do win the Appeal. By letter, phone and what’s the best way to go about winning this one, we never should have lost our parental rights,

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