In my post, More Answers to Recent Searches, I had assumed (you know what that means, right?) that someone who searched for Susan Mahoney was looking for either Susan McPhee or Marla Mahoney. Well, I just found out that there is a Susan Mahoney who works for Riverside DPSS as a Social Worker. OOOOpS! Sorry about that and I think her email would be smahoney@riversidedpss.org or sumahoney@riversidedpss.org.


One thought on “*CORRECTION*

  1. Yes there is CPS worker name Mahoney. She is dirty and rotten. My wife and I have a son that has been taken away from us two years ago. Yes CPS was called, an told that there was a meth lab in the house and they were worried for the child and the hound. When the police arrived there was no meth lab. All they found was a pipe that was empty. And just a pill in my wife’s purse that was an oxycontin. Go to jail for child endangerment for drugs in the house. I went to court and all they gave me was a drug charge not child endangerment. And for my wife they gave her a drug program and not a child endangerment.CPS never gave me programs or any services. But they did for my wife. The only thing that they wanted from me is to move out of my home I am on a fixed income I am on disability and I pay all the rent my wife pay the utilities with her job. So Ant ended up renting the apartment behind my wife. As a maintenance man for the complex. As my wife went through all her classes. And completed the classes that were given to her. And my wife had even went further in the recovery and bettering herself. And as I did the same on my own. When the case finally ended. My wife was exciting and prayers to that our child would be back in our her arms. But that following week we have a knock at the door it is the police my wife is being arrested for a sexual predator. GPS claim that are son said that he was told to kiss his mom’s breast! Are son was 4 years old at that time. And that was not true. He actually bit his mother on her chest. And she screamed and told him that it hurt so kiss it and make it feel better. Now while this is going on in court for this allegation. My wife hired a lawyer. That ended up being debard when he took her case. He was on bail as well. An we didn’t know. No my wife is in court fighting this battle and all this lawyer kept on doing was extending it to another day for 3 months this went on. And then our lawyer that we were paying. Told us that he had to let himself go from this case and we were almost at the point I’m going in front of a jury. So we went from the judge and he was granted his leave. And then we got this state appointed lawyer I think. He’s a good lawyers. And while this was all going on one of does CPS workers came up to my wife and said look they’re going to give you a lot of time. 4 I think it would be her best interest to sign her son away. Well to let you know they dropped the predator against her. And we’re still in court now but just a couple days ago heard that our son was already adopted out to the foster mom that has been wanting him for a long time. We need help to get her son back.

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