Audit Your Hearings!

This is focused on the Detention Hearing. Included in this packet is  court lingo,  a list of what your rights are, what your children’s rights are, what your attorney should be doing and a list of internet resources.  Downloadable and printable.



4 thoughts on “Audit Your Hearings!

  1. Did you ever get your son back home? Did you hire a private attorney? I am going thru the exact same thing! I am a flight Attendant /Makeup artist. My mother reported me falsely because I wouldn’t let my son visit her out of state. I had a website , I had no help wrote to so many but the abuse by cps and the courts got worse. Wish I would’ve met you earlier. I also reported my attorney’s on Ripp off Report- My son was placed out of state DURING our reunification. because he kept running away trying to get back home to me! help help help what now – I was an upstanding member of society now they’ve destroyed our lives. I passed FBI airline background check , home-schooled my son, had him into modeling acting, Straight A student , I was a Cub Scout troop leader none of this was ever shown to the court I never even had 1 visit. no co joined therapy. Nothing is this because I am a minority? It seems minorities get it worse. I used my entire life savings on 3 private attorneys but they were all threatened and intimidated or worse yet 1 was friends with 3 of the court appointed lawyers and he missed court the first 3 dates- As we all know time is of the essence in these cases. Nothing was ever done. Not 1 petition was ever filed on my behalf. My psych exam was 100% in my favor- The opposing lawyer said that I must have used my acting modeling experience to influence the test and the Examiner Psychologist. I even went on the radio to plead my case! I Dumfounded ! it has been a long 4 and 1/2 years my son is now turning 15 on Aug 31. I am not allowed letters or even a phone calls not even 1 visit ever! this is called Parental Alienation. Our bound was (is ) unbreakable I will never stop fighting for my son! who won a lawsuit? in Orange County? So many pages of my report were blacked out or omitted. Someone anyone please respond.

    • Marcia,
      I’m so sorry for your pain and loss. No, never got my son back. We know where he is and I even wrote to the people who adopted him and begged for them to meet us. I sent them our story and evidence but they called CPS immediately to complain about us having their information and CPS told them to file a restraining order. I tried to fight that but I lost.

      You were targeted because your child is so adoptable and well behaved. The Agenda of the Elite is to destroy all that is good of the families and to make money in the meantime. They take our taxes and give it to the states to steal our children and sell them to get more money. Adoption incentives from government funds means that we are paying for our own children to be stolen. Don’t let what CPS says about you get to you. I know that is hard but you know its B.S.. Is your case still open? Did you ever appeal anything? What state are you in? Email me at:

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