Don’t let this article fool you! If you are taking any painkillers or Xanex and go to the hospital or get in an accident, CPS will take your kids away. I am not exaggerating either. Try it, NO, DON’T.


  1. Can any one help me and my kids. They where toke form me in 1998 due to my brother tell children service I abuse them. I did ever thing the courts asked of but the worker keep coming up with thing for me to do. In the end 4of my kid were put in long term forster care and my lost to were adopted. Now that there turning 18 and coming home to me I find out that the 4kid that were in long trem forster care were abuse sexily by the forster father. and one of them was put in a group home for mental kids for say that this man had sexily abuseed her. my girls report this to the cops and they reported it to children services. All they did was ask him to leave the home. and now the case is closed and he is back in the home with my last kid so he can cont.sexliy abouse her. How can my kids be toke from me with llies. And be left in a home where there geting sexily abuse my a man children services gave them to. Can any one help us

    • So the pervert who was asked to leave the home is back in the home that your youngest child is in? Those SOB’s! Well, first thing you could do is complain to the Director of DPSS in your county and attach statements from your other children as well as any police reports. Be specific as to the abuse dates and make sure that they know it was brought to their attention. Send a copy of your complaint letter to the Attorney General of your state, and a copy to the Governor. On the bottom of your complaint letter be sure to write this: cc: Attorney General ____ and Governor _____ (names) so that the Director knows you are sending them copies of your complaint.

      If you need someone to spell check your letter, you can email me at:

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