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Child Welfare Information Gateway Links:

Chapter 1_ Purpose and Overview

Chapter 2_ The Court System and Child Protection

Chapter 3_ The Interplay Between Child Maltreatment Legislation and Caseworker Practice

Chapter 4_ The Juvenile Court Process

Chapter 5_ The Criminal Court Process

Chapter 6_ Domestic Relations Cases and Other Court Proceedings

Chapter 7_ Going to Court

Chapter 8_ Working with the Courts

Child Welfare Manual Table of Contents

1. Child Welfare Manual Div. 31 000-100 General

2.  Child Welfare Manual Div. 31 100-200  Emergency Response

3. CPS Manual Div. 31 300-400  Social Workers 300-400

4. CPS Manual Div31 Reporting

5. CPS Manual Div. 31 State Law Requirements

6.  CPS Manual Div31ProbateCode

7. CPS Manual Div31 AdminHearings

8.  CPS Manual Div.31 Confidentiality

9. CPS Manual Title 22 Div. 6FosterFamHomes

10. CPSManual Div. 3 GrievanceChangeSheet

11. CPS Manual Div 31 Operations

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