Helpful Hint For Those Fighting CPS

I have been going through my family’s entire case file (1,400+ pages) and found some very important things the Court and CPS failed to do. If I would have had this whole file before May 23, 2011 we would still have our son. So here are a few helpful hints that could keep you afloat during your CPS case:

1.  ORDER A TRANSCRIPT FROM EVERY HEARING, they cost around $50-$60 but soooo worth it. There are findings and orders that the Judge must SAY on the record. Get a copy of the Minute Order (#4 below).  If you are reading this and want to know, email me at and I will forward you the W&I Codes for your area and explain the orders that the Judge must make. If the Judge fails to state certain things on the record, CPS could lose their funding for your children and most likely will close the case if it costs them money. Also, failure to make certain findings is cause for an appeal to whatever decision the Judge made that you don’t agree with. Remember, you need to file a Writ within 60 days of the decision.

2.   YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SPEAK IN COURT and the Judge is supposed to encourage it. CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED TO SPEAK IN COURT and the Judge is supposed to encourage the children(s) participation (10 yrs. and over).


4.   Request that the Minute Order be printed and mailed to you. The Clerk is required to do this but in Riverside County, CA they never do.

5.   Contest any Orders that are not SIGNED by the Judge.

6.   IF YOU AGREE TO DO A HAIR FOLLICLE TEST: 1. Don’t try it if there is even a chance of being positive because you need to: 2. Pay for one yourself at the same time. Yes, an investment of $100 is worth it to prove CPS of falsifying test results!

7.   Make sure you get copies of everything and keep them organized forever. You never know, even if your case closes with the return of your children, if another case is opened, the first case will have a devastating affect on the second case and keep fighting!

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